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Day 29 – Guillaumes – Gorges Daluis – Entrevaux – Nice, 100km – Total 962km

Having arrived in Nice we were so busy settling into our rented apartment that I didn’t really have time to do this last entry into this blog. However, the 2 days cycling from Guillaumes to Nice were so amazing that I remember every minute of the 100 kilometer downhill ride to the Mediterranean coast.

The only downside to the downhill adventure was the extreme heat of the Alpes Maritimes. It seemed (and it really was) that it is much much warmer here than anywhere else we’ve been. It’s also warmer in the alpes then on the coast. Leaving Guillaumes we had a thought to do a loop through Varberg. Anna (and myself to tell the truth) did not want to do any more climbing, especially in this heat (Varberg was 800 meters above Guillaumes) and we headed straight for Entrevaux through the spectacular Gorges Daluis.

The Var river takes it’s waters from above Estenc, just below the Col Coyolle and snakes down the Alpes Maritimes all the way to Nice digging in to form a spectacular red gorge – Daluis Gorge. The road follows the gorges for around 20km. It is one of the most spectacular sights that any cyclist can experience! The gorge is deep (the road snakes at around 400-500 meters above the river bed), the rocks are of a dark red colour and the vertical drop on the right side makes your heart pound on fast descents. There is no way to describe the beauty of Gorges Daluis. It’s a sight that all cyclists need to pay a visit to 😉

After the Gorges the road drops 300 meters to Entrevaux, the views of the much wider Var valley are surreal, as is the heat. The 300 meter descent is gentle at 2-3% which makes the ride very enjoyable. At Entrevaux, a medieval fortress (worth of a visit), we spent a night in a local auberge before continuing to Nice (70km left). The road to Nice gets busier as we approach the eastern end of the Var valley. We turn due South and get hit by a cool headwind blowing from the sea.

An hour later, after a scary experience of a four-lane motorway (which turned out to be the only way into Nice) we cycled onto the Promenade des Anglais.

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