Day 25, Le Lauzet-Ubaye to Barceonette, 20km – total 801km

After a fruitful day in Le Lauzet, first 2 day stay in one place that was really fun, we left for Barcelonette. The road followed Ubaye river and was only slightly undulating while offering dramatic scenery of the Ubaye river valley and the surrounding mountains. With a very strong tailwind we made it to Barcelonette in under 2 hours, which is quite good taking a 250 meter climb into account.

In Le Lauzet Anna went for rafting while I stayed with Dianna, and the next day we managed to find a nanny for her while we took on canyoning!!!!! Canyoning was a lot of fun. While torrents in the Ubaye river don’t offer jumps and slides, the canyon where we were taken was spectacular, with 10-15 meter abseils, some with ice cold water gushing down on your while you try to keep your feet on the rock while abseiling down a waterfall. We were told that canyons close to Nice offer jumps and slides as well as abseiling. We will definitely explore those once we get there.

Barceolnette is a very interesting town. Ubaye valley was, as it turned out, a centre of emigration to the Americas in the 19th century. Emigration was mostly to Mexico. Many have since returned with the wealth and Barcelonette is full of Mexican-style villas. We stayed 2 days in one of those villas (Villa Anita). The Villa is also a home for the Mexican Consulate in Barcelonette!! Amazing.

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