Day 13 – Cosne to Nevers, 57km – 485km total

Another hard day of cycling with light rain and headwind helping us along the hilly 57km to Nevers.  Completely overcast in the morning, a day totally different weatherwise from yesterday. We left Cosne at around 10am. A quiet side road running along the Loire took us to Poully, where Dianna had her lunch (with rain and wind making lunch very romantic).  We continued to La Charite where we planned to have lunch ourselves.  The weather started to clear up a little as we cycled South towards Nevers.

A three course meal again, taking 2!!!! hours to consume. Never again will I let Ann drag us into a good restaurant in the middle of the day with 30km cycling left. The hills conveniently appeared after we were done with our lunch. Some very long (but never too steep). Ann was very tired after a long one just before the descent to Nevers. It was a 4km slog up to around 300 meters. It cleared up completely and warmed to 25C (very convenient). We ran out of water and as I’ve mentioned before, in France, everything is closed when we cycle by. It seems that everything is closed all the time. A large village 5km short of Nevers, not one shop is open. Nowhere to buy water or anything else.

In Nevers we stayed in hotel De Diane 😉 We were so tired when we got there that we didn’t even get a glimpse of the town. Dianna went to bed at 8pm and we went across to La Creperie to have our dinner. Those walkie-talkies with room monitoring function really help.

No photos today.

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