Day 12 – Sully-Sur-Loire to Cosne-Cours-Sur-Loire, 67km – 428km total

Everything that could go wrong today – went wrong. As a result, it took us 8 hours to cycle 67 flat km to Cosne.  We slept until 7am, but managed to leave Sully at 11! Dianna didn’t get her morning bit of sleep and had a panic attack inside her trailer 😉 Not wanting to sleep, eat, ride or do anything else. We had to cycle with her screaming until she finally got rocked to sleep 20 minutes later. Not for long though. 15km down the road we had to stop for a pique-nique lunch for her. It was quite a challenge to feed her there. She was hungry, but out of her normal routine/schedule and clearly unhappy about this.

We continued towards Gien on a nice dedicated cycle path (soon disappeared). Today we’ve decided to buy salads for lunch at the supermarket in order not to waste time with a three course lunch as we usually do. We had pique-nique with the salads at the Briare bridge, where the Canal Lateral crosses!!! the Loire river. Yes, the canal is a waterway and it crossed the Loire river as a bridge.  Many small boats with holidaymakers ride up and down this canal. Ann wondered if we can rent one for the rest of our trip 😉 Not a chance.  At the bridge we met a Spanish family cycling with a 2 year old in a trailer.

After Biare bridge we still had more than 25km to Cosne and it was getting quite late. The wind picked up and as we were now heading due S, it was a proper headwind. To make things worse, a few hills appeared. The terrain around this part of Loire valley started to get hillier today, but none of the hills we’ve seen crossed our path until now.

Arrived to Cosne at around 8pm totally exhausted! The town is so nice, but we have absolutely no energy to go sightseeing. Dianna went to sleep, so did we, after a gourmet meal at hotel’s restaurant. In the restaurant I realized that we have entered Burgundy!



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